Coronavirus Update (for your collection): VPN and Email Services

Hello Everyone. We sent this out in email, but either due to the worthlessness of Mailchimp (who manages our mailing list), or the ruthlessness of Google/Gmail (who, seemingly, manages the internet), we fear many emails went to SPAM
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Encrypt Yahoo Mail with SecureMyEmail

It's time to encrypt your Yahoo Mail with SecureMyEmail. Yahoo has had a few high profile security issues lately. Because of the Yahoo security breaches, many users of Yahoo Mail say they are abandoning Yahoo as their email provider.
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The Best Secure Encrypted Email Service in the World is Live!

Arrogant? Well, maybe a little. We’re just so very excited to announce that our new encrypted email service, SecureMyEmail, is out of beta and taking customers. SecureMyEmail allows you to add encryption to ANY email address.
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