Coronavirus Update (for your collection): VPN and Email Services

Hello Everyone.

We sent this out in email, but either due to the worthlessness of Mailchimp (who manages our mailing list), or the ruthlessness of Google/Gmail (who, seemingly, manages the internet), we fear many emails went to SPAM. With that being said, we wanted to get this out.

It looks like, at the very least, many of us are going to be home a lot more, and secure access to news, media, and other internet services is of even greater importance. We wanted to quickly share what we’re doing to ensure uninterrupted service. Overall, we sincerely hope this unprecedented event is behind us soon and life can get back to normal for all of us.

Continuity of Operations
All WiTopia employees are working from home and practicing social-distancing. As nerds, with varying levels of social anxiety, this was actually preferred. We have secure access into all necessary systems and have always engineered our network with paranoid levels of redundancy and capacity so we’re in great shape. Support staff will also remain available 24x7x365. Lastly (again, because we’re nerds), we possess encyclopedic knowledge of dystopian movies, TV shows, and other media. We’ve been ready for this all our lives.

Flow of Information
Some countries (you know who) like to block the free flow of information in general, and that may even worsen during this event. Due to our investment in obfuscation technology and an arsenal of VPN protocols, we continue to maintain solid and secure access from countries with even the worst blocking and deep packet inspection. If you’re in China, UAE, or one of our many other faves, our support team has solutions. If you can’t reach the site, you can always email us at support@witopia.net for help.

Media Access
Although they can make it fun sometimes, we have access solutions for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and BBC. We are working on even more.

We’ll get through this together.

WiTopia Staff