Why is SecureMyEmail™ the best way to encrypt email in 2024?

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The security and privacy threats on today's internet mandate that you do everything you can to protect your business and personal data. The weird thing is that email, the biggest communications platform on the planet, has woefully inadequate protection. Encrypting your email solves this issue, but what is the best way to do that? Well, we spent a LOT of time thinking about that very problem. After a great deal of work, we can confidently say that SecureMyEmail™ is, by far, the best way to encrypt email in 2024.

Ruthless simplicity.

The MAJOR issue of encrypting email was always the almost masochistic level of complexity to do so. Older manual methods, like PGP and S/MIME, do work but they are a nightmare to set up and maintain. This nightmare increases exponentially if you are setting up more than one device. Obviously, that doesn't work in today's mobile, smartphone-driven world. You have to be able to access your data on all your devices. Encryption is no excuse.

With SecureMyEmail, we made it so that anyone could easily add encryption to all their email accounts and use it on all their devices. Like people in the 21st century should be able to do. No computer science degree required.

Encrypt your Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft email for free.

We're pretty psyched about email encryption. We're nerds after all. We strongly believe everyone should have access to the protection and privacy it offers. To put our money where our mouth is, SecureMyEmail provides free encryption to a potential 2+ Billion email addresses! 

If you have an email address ending in gmail.com, yahoo.com, or one of Microsoft's consumer email domains (outlook.com, hotmail.com), or their international derivatives, you are welcome to encrypt your email for free, forever, with SecureMyEmail. Free access to our apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android is included. And, if you ever need to add encryption to other email addresses, you can easily upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Just download and go. Pay us later, if you like it.

In what is, sadly, an avant-garde move nowadays, we didn't want to hassle people or try to grab your credit card or personal information just to try it out. We believe what we've done is pretty cool so why not just show it to you as quickly and easily as possible?

To back that up, we provide a fully functional instant download and 30-Day Free Trial of all our SecureMyEmail software and mobile apps. No payment info, cringy webinar, or call with sales guys is required.

The instructions are built-in and the set up is super easy. In fact, you should be sending and receiving encrypted email within a few minutes!  But, if you do have a question or issue just give us a shout.

Works with all your existing email accounts (business and personal) with no need to switch providers.

Encrypted email providers typically force you to lose your email address to use one of theirs, or make you transfer all your email to them. Who wants to do that? Not us. SecureMyEmail allows you to add encryption to your current email addresses and provider. This far more convenient and logical approach is one of the main reasons why users feel we're the best email encryption provider.

Send encrypted email to anyone with an email address.

Take a few minutes to set up SecureMyEmail and you can immediately start sending encrypted email to ANY email address. No exchanging "encryption keys," "certificates," or other annoyances to deal with. Just compose your email, make sure that encryption is set to on (it's on by default although you can change this if you like), and SEND. Boom!

Your recipients don't need to download anything, install anything, register for anything, deal with a portal, or know a password.

Your recipients just receive a regular email that includes a button to decrypt your message. Clicking the button takes them to our secure server where they can see your email, download any files you sent, reply, and send you attachments of their own. Everything is perfectly protected by the encryption.

Here's a step-by-step with screenshots if you'd like more details. Trust us, doing it is easier than reading about it, though. Essentially, if you know how to use email, you're all set.

In case you missed it, the password is....not necessary!

If we can brag a bit, our "password-less" sending option is a bigger deal than you might think. Most other services mandate that you have to share an out-of-band password to recipients who don't use their service.

We actually used to do the same thing, but realized quickly what an enormous pain that is. So, we developed a way you can just freely send to anyone and not have to worry about a password.

But, like Bob's Country Bunker, "we got both kinds." So, if you want to force the recipient to know a password you specify, we have that option too.

When your recipients reply, their emails and attachments are also encrypted.

We mentioned this above, but just to reiterate, all your encrypted emails, and replies back to you, are completely protected. This includes attached files you send to people as well as the ones they send back to you.

No need to change anything. Use our apps for your email, or keep your current setup and use us when needed.

Our apps are fully functional email clients, but they are a bit minimalist. We totally understand if you've tricked out your own email software or webmail over the years and want to stick with it.

You will need to use our software to send and read encrypted email, but SecureMyEmail will always remain perfectly synced with your main email client. If you send a ton of encrypted email, just leave SecureMyEmail running on a browser tab. Or, use our very cool mobile apps. If you only send encrypted email occasionally, simply fire it up when you need it.

You can send and receive encrypted email on all your devices. Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

As mentioned, this was always another HUGE issue with email encryption. Setting it up and managing it across multiple devices was horrific. Well, we fixed that too. Once you set up your account on your first device, setting up your others is easy. You just download the software for the new device and log into your account.

We can keep it personal or be all about business.

We built SecureMyEmail for personal and business email. So, whether you are a global mega-conglomerate, a small business, or just a person, we have you covered.

If you are seeking an email encryption solution for a business or organization, feel free to jump right in and have your users download our 30-Day Free Trial . That way you can test it out as an organization if you like.

Contact our Sales Team with any questions whatsoever. If you're purchasing for multiple users, our sales team can also set up unified invoicing for you so you don't have to purchase individually.

HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, etc.

We should far exceed any regulatory requirement concerning email security, but feel free to contact us and discuss if you have questions. Frankly, many email encryption companies overhype the issue. They make it sound like they're doing something special or unique. Truth is, you may be paying for things you don't need to satisfy the requirement. Or, worse, they may not be doing enough.

Our encryption game is strong.

You knew you wouldn't completely escape without some geekspeak. This stuff is important, though, so please indulge us. We currently use OpenPGP with 4096-bit keys for our asymmetrical encryption and the celebrated ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher suite for our symmetrical encryption. We provide Zero-knowledge End-to-End Encryption on demand. Nothing beats that.

But, with an eye to the future, we stay hip to everything from elliptic curves to post-quantum encryption. Is a lot of the discussion around the threat of quantum computing clickbait at this point? Yes. But, it's not nothing. Point is, we worry about things like that so you don't have to.

We'd hate to say we're cheap, so let's go with "high value." ;-)

Our pricing is only $3.99/month or $29.99/year per user. Others charge more. Often, a LOT more. It was tempting to do the same because, in fact, we do like money. The way we look at it, though, email encryption is a HUGE market. So, why be greedy?

We'll only get better.

We're so proud of SecureMyEmail and all its capabilities. That being said, we have an exciting roadmap of features we plan to add over time.

And, don't forget that we're not just an email encryption service.

We also have the best VPN service this side of the Milky Way. Super fast and secure with a myriad of encryption options, including WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPsec, and two obfuscated stealth protocols based on TOR. Even if you don't know what all that means, trust us, it's very cool.

If you're in need of a killer VPN service, we offer it bundled with SecureMyEmail for only $4.99/month (with annual subscription)! The bundle also comes with our unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can try it out totally risk-free.

So, we could go on more about why we're the best email encryption service, but that might be a bit crass at this point. We've said more than enough. Suffice it to say that if you're in need of the very best in email security and privacy, you really can't go wrong encrypting your email with SecureMyEmail. We're very excited for you to give it a try!

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