You deserve a safe, private, and secure internet.

Our vision

Our name was meant to represent a “wireless utopia” where your internet experience was safe, secure, and private. That was a pretty cool idea when we launched way back in 2005, but it turns out we were all too prophetic.

Today’s internet has become a battleground where your online privacy, security, and freedom are under constant attack.
Internet providers, search engines, and websites capture and analyze your online behavior to make you and your family a “product” to be traded and sold.
Identity thieves, fraudsters, and hackers act with impunity.
Censorship and content restrictions abound subverting the fundamental freedoms the internet once promised.
Governments engage in state-level tapping and storing of your online communications even in countries where personal privacy was long considered to be an absolute right.

Today, it seems every search you do, every website you visit, and every post you write is likely captured, analyzed, and stored forever in some kind of permanent file on you.

Creepy? Definitely.

Orwellian dystopian nightmare? Gettin’ there.

Simply put, we believe you have the right to go online safely, access the content you wish, communicate with whomever you want, and have no one spying on you.

Some argue that privacy is dangerous. Privacy is a powerful thing, sure. And like any powerful thing, it can be abused by creeps. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us should be deprived of it. The bottom line is, you can’t have freedom without privacy.

Welcome to WiTopia.

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