The Best Secure Encrypted Email Service in the World is Live!

Arrogant? Well, maybe a little. We’re just so very excited to announce that our new encrypted email service, SecureMyEmail, is out of beta and taking customers

SecureMyEmail allows you to add encryption to ANY email address.

You can encrypt your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com email, work email, whatever. All the encryption is done on your device so even your email provider can’t ever read your email. For that matter, as it is true end-to-end encrypted email, even we can’t read it. Nobody but your intended recipients can ever decrypt the email.

Complicated? Not at all. We spent a lot of time and money ensuring it is seamless and simple so anyone can use it. It comes with a 30 day no-risk trial and is only $29.99 a year after that. Give it a try!